Science and Art of Selling: Meet Alen Majer

alenmajer“Did you know that 40% of sales forces will miss their quotas this year; four out of ten salespersons will lose their jobs this year; and over 25% of sales people do not sell enough to cover their cost?”

Alen Majer is a sales professional. His company, Science and Art of Selling, manages many sales-related issues that conventional sales companies don’t touch. By diagnosing each aspect of the seller’s behavior – from how s/he handles objections, to what questions s/he asks – Alen makes sure that the solution-placement end of a buying decision is done professionally, and manages the company brand by ensuring all sellers use a professional approach. He even does diagnostics that will tell you how your competition is winning business from you, and how you lost your last deals. Impressive.

So not only does he train sales effectiveness, he shows up to hold your hand as you are going through the sale.

Given that my model Buying Facilitation(R) manages the change-mangement, unconscious, decision-making end of the buying decision, I bet that my material would fit comfortably with Alen’s to ably manage both the implicit and explicit pieces of buyer’s decisions.

For those of you wanting to help understand how your sales folks can do better in this economy, take a look at Alen’s blog ( or his website He’s even got quite a few ebooks you might want to look at. Given the amount of competition there is in the field of sales, Alen is doing a damn fine job of it. Nice work, Alen.

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