SBWire Is ‘The’ Place To Go

SBWireFor some reason, SBWire bills itself as the place to go to help small and medium businesses be successful. After playing around with it for a while, I’d say that everyone needs it. It’s easy to navigate, very useful, and very comprehensive.

Indeed, it covers every known industry, every level and type of story (from news to online shopping, to world politics), and every sort of navigation possibility. If a business executive reads the material on this wire every morning, they’d be set for the day with a knowledge of the news, and the ramifications of whatever changes are happening that affect business. Not only that, journalists go to the site to find company news, and the site helps business owners use Sales/Marketing 2.0 to it’s best advantage.

Go there! Sign up! It’s cool stuff!

I’m going to paste in the text they have in the ‘About Us’ section because I believe their words are very powerful (I could put it into my own words, but theirs are so good!):

SBWire was created in 2005 with a single powerful vision, that effective media relations tools and services should be affordable to businesses small and large.

Our team has a unique understanding of the special needs of small to mid-sized organizations. We work hard to provide a full suite of media relations tools and services at prices that should fit any organization’s budget.

Learn more about why you should choose SBWire.

SBWire Is Focused On Quality

Every press release we distribute is reviewed by a human editor to insure it meets the highest standards of quality. By providing better quality content, we make it easier for journalists to cover your news.

We have designed a collection of easy to use tools for journalists and editors so they may quickly find accurate and timely information about your company.

Commitment To The community

SBWire is dedicated to helping non profit agencies with their media relations efforts by providing them with free media relations services including free press release distribution services. Qualified non-profit agencies can apply to join.”


If your company is dependent upon market forces, if you regularly make announcements that you want to be picked up by journalists, if you want to become visible to your whole industry, if you want your announcements to be seen by the right folks in your industry, sign up for SBWire. It’s truly a worthwhile site.

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