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SalesopediaThere are several sites that offer ‘everything sales’. But one of them is truly professional, fresh, and a showcase for quality: Salesopedia.

Begun about two years ago by Clayton Shold and Dave Maynard to be an encyclopedia/wikipedia for sales, Shold and Maynard have grown the site to be THE place for all-things-sales, with provocative articles and great podcasts. And they keep the site looking fresh, slightly edgy, and crisp. They are obviously doing everything they can to, as Dave says, “Get your attention so you can find those hidden gems.” 

They do a regular blog post, mention/showcase books, and overall, carry a message of integrity: they offer a site that is people-friendly, and obviously recognize that sales is about serving people. Given that my Decision Facilitation models are about serving our buyers by helping them maneuver through their subjective dynamics on their way to buy-in, Salesopedia matches my own criteria around integrity.

As an aside: Clayton writes thoughtful blogs. He steps outside the field of  ‘sales’ to mention other ideas, books, etc. to help sales folks think. His blog posts are actually stimulating.

Enjoy the site. It will give you the people you like, the articles that will help, and the ideas that will get you to think. The field is lucky to have such thoughtful professionals serving us.

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