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This month I have an article in Sales and Service Excellence entitled: Buying Decisions: Learn how to facilitate them. I have had a long history with this magazine, from the days it was print only. My first article that appeared in this magazine – the largest requested reprint for some time afterwards – was in 1995 or so, called Sales as a Spiritual Practice.  They were visionary enough to be willing to offer a title that certainly went against conventional thinking.

The magazine continues to offer truly important material. Here’s an overview of the range of topics covered: Under Management – performance, culture, connection, communications, people. Under Sales – results, pace, mojo, referrals, decisions. Under Marketing – media, brand, profitability, communication. You get the idea. They cover a range of ideas, and offer a plethora of well-written, thought-provoking articles from every angle of business. There is enough to choose from so everyone will walk away with something to think about. Exciting stuff. As a bonus, every article is well written and thoughtful.

They are offering a free copy for newcomers to enjoy (see links below), as a gift to hook you. And hook you they will. Read this issue, and let me know what you think. Did you enjoy the professionalism of the articles? The ideas? Were you able to walk away with new thinking? What were your favorite new thoughts?

Let’s start a discussion about this. Better yet, let the folks at Sales and Service Excellence know how much you enjoyed your copy. They’ve been around a long time, have grown with time, and are here to serve this community. They’d love whatever feedback you’d like to give them… so long as it’s positive 🙂

For those of you wishing a free copy of this month’s magazine, they have kindly given us a link. To look through their other ezines, go to: Leadership Excellence and Personal Excellence

When the time comes that you’d like to purchase a subscription or ask them questions, mail them at:

Enjoy the material. It’s a treat.


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  2. Definitely a magazine material that is worth to buy, entrepreneurs would surely benefit from buying this magazine because of the topic it contains that you mention.

    Justin Summers,
    Service Excellence
    Empathy Communications

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