Romania: An Emerging Country

romaniaI’ve just returned from a trip to Romania. I licensed a training company in Buying/Decision Facilitation so they could add this tool to their current programs: Changing with Values, Selling with Values, Decision Making for Executives, Facilitating Buying Decisions

What an amazing group of people. Open, warm, loving, respecting, funny, and deeply caring about their client’s well being. This company – EVOLUTIV CONSULTANTS NETWORK SRL – has been in the training business many years, developing values-based programs that balance money with values and quality of life and honesty.
I was very touched by them. And the country is beautiful, with rolling hills and colorful fields. Transylvania is also beautiful, although I discovered that there was no real Count Dracula!

Getting to know this company made me realize that the entire world is starting to seek best practices to help the world be a better place – making money AND making nice.

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