rainI live in Austin Texas. The weather is mostly lovely, until August when it becomes a furnace. We suffer for eight weeks to delight in a temperate climate the rest of the year.

This year we’ve had problems: it’s been triple digits since May. Unbearably hot and humid. And to make matters worse, we’re also having a frightening draught. My grass is dead, plants dying, pond evaporating.

At the moment, I’m having a respite. I’m in Edinburgh for the week with a client – and, luckily, will get to spend a few days going to the Fringe Festival and enjoying plays and music, jugglers and haggis (I adore haggis, btw). But the most enjoyable thing is the rain.

Lovely, glorious rain falls at least once during the day. I’ve been running in it and drinking it in. Surprisingly, the people around me are annoyed by the moisture, yet appreciative of the flowers and grass and green, green trees and meadows. It’s rich and vibrant, verdant and lush. All around is the dazzle of soft sunlight off of plump leaves.

I realize that we often fail to appreciate what we have. So, just for today (and one day at a time), let’s appreciate who we are, what we have, and the earth we’re living on. Let’s make sure we take care of what and who we love, and wake up each day happy with our rain.


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