Publishing Choices: the hows, whys, and what’s to publish a book

At a recent think tank conference that I attend yearly, there were an overwhelming number of very smart, interesting folks who wanted to know about publishing books. Some wanted to know how to get to a publisher or choose a literary agent; some wanted to know which type of self-publishing to persue; some wanted a ghost writer. But there certainly was a lot of interest.

I have written/published 8 books. One was a NYTimes Business Bestseller. Two were Amazon best sellers. One was a self-published ebook. One was with a tiny publisher, one with a medium sized publisher, one with a large publisher. I’ve used one agent, 10 book publicists, had one live book tour and one virtual book tour.

I’d like to think I know the book publishing market a bit.

To that end, I developed a site that I hope will be helpful to some: There are the whys and whats and how to any sort of publishing you may want to know about. I’ve even included a chart to help you see your choices, and a set of  To Dos for each choice, so you know what to do and when to do it (for example, if you decide to use a traditional publisher, writing the book is about the 10th thing to do). I”ve also included marketing templates, resources, and some marketing/coaching support capability.

I hope you (or someone you know) enjoys this. Let me know how else I can support you and the publishing community.


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