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StrategyDriven Magazine has interviewed me to discuss how decision facilitation in general, and Buying Facilitation™ in specific, works with change. In fact they asked me to collaborate with them on a Change Management series of  six podcasts that will be offered in July. More on that later, but it’s going to be a ground-breaking series that discusses just how change can happen from the inside out — with no resistance. Imagine.

StrategyDriven Magazine is a really professional ezine that publishes articles about change, leadership, organizational performance, project management, and decision making. They have truly interesting white papers, expert opinions, and editorials.

Everyone on the editorial team works in a company and does some form of change management and strategizing daily, so they are not mere talking heads but smart folks. Take a look. The site is also quite professional, interesting, and timely.

The man who interviewed me for this podcast about Dirty Little Secrets and decision facilitation is Nathan Ives. He works in management at one of the Big Four firms: he understands strategy from the inside out. It’s his job. And he’s real smart.

What should have been a 20 minute interview turned into a very dynamic discussion now in 2 parts. Part 1 is below. It not only discusses Buying Facilitation™ but talks about it in terms of change and how organizations change – to buy something, or to implement something, requires the same problems and change issues. A buying decision is a change management problem, after all.

Nathan was a very interesting interviewer. He asked smart questions and made me think. He got the best of me.

Enjoy this interview. I’ll give you Part 2 next week. In the meantime, please send your comments and questions to: I’ll publish them and discuss then. And take a look at StrategyDriven magazine. You’ll like it.

Part 1:

And stay tuned for our 6 part series on change management called Making Change Work. We’ve worked hard to make them intriguing and idea-filled.

As you think about the decision facilitation material, try to remember that it can manage any sorts of change – not just getting Buying Decision Teams on board for a purchase, but helping implement technology changes, helping teams work together, helping M&As.

I hope you get excited by the possibilities now available for helping congruent, integrous, change happen. There hasn’t been a model that works with the unspoken, hidden, inside activities around change and buy-in before. Now that it’s possible, there is a whole world of possibilities now open to us.


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