At the suggestion of my realtor, when I purchased my new house I went to Nationwide for a new insurance policy.
What a shock. The original agent didn’t return my first 3 calls. Oh stupid me! I should have known there would be trouble ahead at that point, but I trusted my realtor.

When the agent finally returned my call and came by, I sat down with the woman, told her I needed to be given better service, and she apologized, saying it was a bad week. I made it very clear that having to call several times to get a return call was not my idea of fair service. She agreed and promised it wouldn’t happen again.
Ok.We all have bad weeks.
The next thing I knew was that I got a Cancellation notice, 5 weeks later. WHAT? I paid!? I again called and called with no response.
I finally called the main office, and spoke directly with the manager (I”LL TAKE CARE OF YOU he cooed). Sorry Sorry. Ok. What happened? Seems I OVERPAID on my first payment so the computer kicked me out!?!?! Who ever heard of such a thing!!
The last straw was when I received my policy and noted it had some errors in it. I called the manager, got put through to him, was asked to wait as he was just finishing up a call, and was kept on hold for 8.50 minutes. Do they REALIZE how LONG eight and a half minutes are while on hold??? Especially when the secretary kept coming on saying ‘Can you please wait – he’ll be right with you?’ Why didn’t he just say he’d call me back? To add insult to injury, he called half hour later with a breezy – ‘Gosh. Sorry. Didn’t realize that call would take so long! How can I help you?’
Now I’m trying to cancel my policy. People aren’t calling me back (OH. What a surprise) and again, it’s like pulling teeth.
Don’t they know that I can get a similar policy with another company – in this case I’m switching to a lovely man at Allstate who has returned every call, done exactly what he says he’ll do (exactly – in the time frame, etc) – who wants my business??
But of course, if they knew that at Nationwide, they wouldn’t have given me the service they gave me.

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