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On January 19th, I’m fortunate to be doing a webinar called Executive Decision Making: influencing with integrity with the folks at Business Management Daily. Not only is this group a highly professional group dedicated to making necessary skills available to business people to ensure they are successful, but they maintain a high level roster of bloggers, articles, and resources so business folks (for both corporate folks and small business owners) have what they need at their finger tips. Their Executive Leadership newsletter, as well as their e-letter The Next Level and books on business negotiating, office politics, etc. are highly professional and cogent. They deal with HR challenges, leadership/decision making skills, people management and office communication.

Check out their site. It’s a very fun, useful site with lots of ideas and cogent articles, tips, and tools.

Hopefully, they will be so impressed with my webinar, about helping influence teams so they buy-in to leadership initiatives, that they will add some Buying Facilitation™ or decision facilitation skills to their roster. Using my unique decision making models, my session will offer new ways to make better decisions and inspire others through change, while helping team members eagerly choose to be a creative part of the change. Here is the sign up data

This is a welcome foray for me outside of the ‘sales’ arena where my models have been historically slotted: it’s becoming understood how necessary decision facilitation skills are in leadership and change management. In this webinar, I have a great forum to use my material in the way it was initially intended: to serve others.

Imagine if every human being had the skills to help each other (in business or personal life) make their own best decisions based on their own values and internal criteria. Imagine what a world we’d live in if we could all do that. That’s the world I’m working hard (with many others in the Spirit in the Workplace and Corporate Social Responsibility fields) to help create.

Join me at this seminar, pick up some new skills to be great leaders and decision makers, and let’s do it, together. I promise you a lot of information and a really fun time. And if you need help deciding whether or not this is the right seminar for you, call me and I’ll help you decide 🙂


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