MLM: Does A Double Sale Work?

obtainer worldwide magazineMulti Level Marketing is a very interesting, and complex, sales model. Not only does the seller have to sell a product, but also sell a partnership. Unfortunately for the marketers, they have been taught to attempt to make both sales at the same time.

But there are two different buying decisions necessary. One – does the buyer want the product? Two – does the buyer want to run a business? Can they do both succesesfully? Can they decide on both at the same time?

The problem begins with the original buy-in to become a MLMarketer. I once went to one of the sales circuses to see how they got people on board. I felt like I was watching a slimy circus barker, trying to get folks into the tent for only 10cents. It felt like: Step Right Up! All ya hafta do is work hard! Meet a lotta people! And lookit all of the money we made! And YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

I was never quite sure that the folks who stood up to drink the Koolaid afterwards were audience plants. And I couldn’t figure out who would fall for that! Great videos! Fresh faced enthusiasts! But was it real? No one was actually working directly with anyone’s buying criteria. To check it out, I went up to one of the fresh-faced young millionaires and asked: “What would I need to know to understand if this business model would suit my requirements as a job choice?” He looked at me as if I had two heads: “What? Didn’t you hear my story? Doncha wanna make a lotta money?” “Is that the only criteria you want me to have,” I playfully asked? He just stared at me, the lunatic. “What other criteria would there be?” Right.

So the selling model used by MLM has always been a mystery to me and certainly has the propensity for turning more people off than on, or for getting some of the wrong people involved in the business end.

I would like to say that the products sold are often terrific. I happen to use a product that’s part of the Mannatech line and have found it highly impressive – I can’t go a day without it. But sell it myself? Never. I have my own work to do.

What makes a successful MLMarketer?

So who becomes a MLMarketer? And what needs to happen for a MLMarketer to be successful? It all depends on the buyer.

Does the buyer like your product? Does the buyer want to be in business? With you? And, which of these do YOU want – a client? or a business partner? Choose one! It might turn out to be both, but it’s like saying: Do you want to eat? or sleep? So start with one and see how it goess. You may discover this person is not ready to be a business partner and you would  have wasted a lot of time for a lot of ongoing headache.

I know you’re taught to sell both ‘items’ at once. But think about it: how many potential product purchasers have you turned off because they loved the product but didn’t want to get involved with MLM?

And how many business partners, and potential downlines, have you turned off because they were looking for a business opportunity and they didn’t want to buy a product?

And do you know the difference between who wanted what? or who you lost because they didn’t want both?

Help your prospect decide how they’d like to work with you BEFORE you pitch anything! How will they know that they need a product that will help them X? At what point will they be seeking business opportunities, and how will they know that working with you and your product line will give them the income/business they seek?

In addition to adding some Buying Facilitation™ questions to your sales method, have a look at Obtainer Worldwide

This site is the ‘go-to’ site for international MLM and direct sales issues. Obtainer has done a fine job using up-to-date, professional articles that are printable so MLMers can use the data to help them run meetings. And, to get pumped. The site has articles from heavy-hitters and folks just starting out, discussions about possibilities and questions and and.  It’s quite comprehensive and reaches an international audience of millions. Seems Obtainer is very committed to ensuring that MLM marketers are professional and successful. Good job.

So if you’re a MLMer, go to Obtainer Worldwise, learn all you can, and be willing to separate your product sale from your downline sale. You’ll be more successful with each group. Maybe you can also begin a conversation about it here? We welcome your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “MLM: Does A Double Sale Work?”

  1. Hey, that's an interesting way to look at that thing. My mind started to wander and now I'm thinking that our banking and financial industries, mortgage brokers and the U S Congress must be multi level marketing schemes also!!! All the qualifications seem to have been met… LOL?

  2. i agree.
    if you look at the entire 'sales' industry and model, it's all based on the back end of the decision, and no one/nothing helps them wander unknowingly through the front end decisions that need to be made with their peers, rules, system/culture, etc.

    i have a new book coming out soon on the system of decision making. or look at my other books ( that are on the model i've developed to help manage this. would love your help getting my new book out.

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