Mike Schultz Has A New Book – And He’s Smart

professional services marketingMike Schultz has a new book coming out today. Professional Services Marketing. Seems like it would be mainly for professional services folks, but I bet we all could use this book.

First, let me say that Mike’s publication – Rain Today – is chock full of ideas that are solid, interesting, innovative, and important.  He’s also got some cool people who write for it, such as John Doerr, Charlie Green, and my friend Jill Konrath.

For starters, take a look at his blog: Services Marketing Blog

There is everything you need to be a professional. RainToday.com delivers “innovative, intense, and high-end learning programs to help service business leaders increase their growth and profitability.”

They have cool stuff on buyers buying, sellers selling – you need it, they got it.

Next: Mike’s new book. Since I didn’t have time to get an advance copy from Mike, I read some reviews and marketing data. Here is the summary of what Mike’s book (co-authored with John Doerr) is about:

“How do you build a market leading brand, a thriving lead generation engine, and a culture of business development success? The answer is simple: you’ve got to be as passionate, energetic, and skilled with marketing as you are with your clients.”

Given Mike’s reputation for being both smart and gentle, helpful and innovative, and given what I’ve read by him (His How Buyers Buy is an important document that you’ll find on his blog – especially important for me, since all of my work for the past 20 years has been about the off-line decisions buyers make and Mike’s stuff melds with mine.) I’d bet his book will be thoughtful and packed with usable ideas.

Have a look. Look around his great site, his blog, and the Wellesley Hills Group papers. You’ll learn a lot. I did. I spent about a half hour looking around and reading.  And I’m really impressed. Thanks for making all of that good thinking available, Mike.

Now: go buy Mike’s book.


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