Messaging to Motivate Action for Global Sustainability

  • Are you promoting an important initiative on global sustainability, or seeking funding or volunteers – and don’t know how to motivate more response?
  • Do you find it difficult to motivate people to take action on sustainability issues?

Most of us are aware of the global sustainability issues we all face. Climate change. Food insecurity. Poverty. Famine. Houselessness. Yet not enough people are helping make a difference. Why?

As entrepreneurs and start ups of companies selling sustainable solutions, as leaders of NGOs for climate change, we must create marketing and content outreach that inspires more action and stimulates buy-in, volunteerism, funding, and donations.

In Messaging to Motivate Action for Global Sustainability, you’ll learn how.

Sharon-Drew Morgen, an inventor of decision-making and brain change models used in sales, coaching, marketing, and leadership, offers a 4-part experiential series to help us message our outreach in a way that gets to the root of decision making and new behaviors, to “create content that facilitates behavior change from where it originates in the brain.”

In this series you’ll learn:

New Thinking:
What causes inaction? · What are we doing that causes resistance and how can we avoid it? · What do we need to do differently to motivate action? · What is change and how can we make it easy? · How can we inspire people to act from their values?  · What’s the difference between sharing content and motivating action?

New Skills:
How can we listen with non-biased ears; pose questions that inspire action? · What are the steps of change that can be facilitated? · What goals must we shift to inspire motivation?

New Outreach:
What type of messaging will activate brain change for new behaviors? ·  How can we avoid biasing our messaging and touch beliefs?

If you’re a marketer, or in an NGO or company offering new solutions for global sustainability, join us and walk away with state-of-the-art skills and new marketing materials to instigate others to become involved in helping the world, and people in it, heal.

Session titles:

  1. Why don’t people take action? Understanding change, resistance, and behaviors
    Why aren’t people doing what’s needed to create a sustainable future? Published science has been available for many years, and millions have suffered from the adverse effects of disastrous climate events, poverty, and food insecurity. To heal the planet we need people and corporations to take more responsibility. By learning what change and resistance means, how decisions get reached, and how behaviors get initiated in our brains, participants will learn how to create the type of outreach that avoids barriers and promotes activity.
  1. Listening with different ears
    How can we dialogue with others if we subjectively hear what they say? Sadly, given the way our brains translate incoming language into meaning, we naturally bias everything we hear. To engage and motivate action, to gather accurate data, to understand someone’s issues, we must listen without bias and make sure we hear what’s being meant. This session explains how, exactly, our brains translate what’s said subjectively and how to go beyond our restrictions to hear accurately. This is especially useful during dialogue, information gathering, and messaging.
  1. Facilitating curiosity and enabling discovery
    When we gather data, run meetings, or hold group discussions, conventional questions actually hamper data collection and restrict understanding. How, then, can we pose questions that engage, cause contemplation and change, gather accurate data? This session introduces a new form of question based on belief/criteria discovery to get to core issues quickly and cause revisions in thinking and activity.
  1. Dialogues that cause action
    The session combines the new tools – listening without bias, messaging to promote action, questions that enable brain and behavior change, values-based buy-in – that overcome barriers and facilitate actual steps for sustainable futures. Participants will leave with an actual marketing template.

Sharon-Drew will run this series free for your group or organization on agreeable dates and times. Contact Sharon-Drew with questions:


Sharon-Drew Morgen is a global thought-leader and innovator in systemic brain change models for decision making, sales, change management, and behavior/habit change. She has written 9 books, including the NYTimes Business Bestseller Selling with Integrity, and WHAT? Did you really say what I think I heard? which explains the gap between what’s said and what’s heard. Sharon-Drew is currently supporting global sustainability to facilitate decision making that will inspire folks to volunteer or take action to help the world heal from famine, poverty, houselessness, climate change, and weather disasters. Her site introduces her inventions and offers 1000 articles.

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