Marcom: How Do You Position Yourself In The Market?

As an old sales person, I was never impressed by what I considered to be an inferior form of sales – marketing. Until I met Britton Manasco.

Britton is the brains behind Manasco Marketing. In his own words he brings “a disciplined and proven methodology to positioning engagements, helping you crisply articulate your value propositions, core messages and perspectives on today’s most relevant issues.”

In other words, he answers the question: what is the best way to excite your customer? Seems he knows how to do it all (and frankly, even though we’ve been friends for 10 years, I didn’t know he was so talented… sorry Brit): speeches and presentations, demand generation, white papers, capturing trends, generating market reports, increasing and strengthening your market position.

In this mysterious, scary economy, how do customers know to choose you over the competition? Companies and customers are so risk averse now, that ‘no’ is the proffered decision. Britton makes it possible for you to be able to show your customer base why they should choose you.

Go to his site, Manasco Marketing Group. The site itself is crisp, easily navigable, and tells you what you need to know when you need to know it.

I was struck by this: “We collaborate with our clients to generate results at all stages of the complex sale – from initial awareness and positioning to lead generation and development to sales engagement.”

I believe that all sales are complex sales because of the complexity of a buying decision. I bet that Britton can help anyone be more successful – if you want a talented man with a clear mind and good heart guide you through.

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