Labor Day: What Do We Work For?

american-flag-2aThis weekend we all get a rest because we’ve worked so hard all year. Makes me wonder about ‘work.’ What is it, why do we do it, what does it mean, what could it mean. I guess I kinda feel like rambling a bit…

When I was young, I had to work myself through college. For two years I was a live in maid. One year I did dishes for my dorm (got up at 5:30 a.m…. impressed?) and was a secretary. One year I had a State car and did public opinion polls. I could really tell you some great stories about that!

I did whatever it took. And when I was a single mom with a small child,  I worked an extra job as a waitress the nights that my son was with his dad. When I became a social worker, I loved helping people. As an entrepreneur, I loved the stature, the people, and the creativity. As a writer and thinker and trainer, I love using my brain.

I certainly was not always in love with my jobs, and sometimes they broke my spirit and my back. I”ve been totally on my own since 17, so I’ve had to support myself – and luckily I was usually able to find employment, and didn’t spend too much time going hungry. Every job has given me what I”ve needed at the time. Sometimes enough money to feed my kid; sometimes ego fulfillment; sometimes creativity.

I’d like to think that at this point in history we are creating work environments for people so they can flower and be treated with respect, even in menial positions. I’m sad that their are still sweat shop jobs that destroy people’s spirits. I hope this changes.

I”ve appreciated every job I”ve ever had, and am now also very appreciative of the day off so I can free up my heart and brain for a day and get some juice… so I can pick up the gauntlet again on Tuesday morning.

Jobs are blessings. I sure look forward to a time when we have low unemployment again so everyone can be blessed.

Enjoy your day off.


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