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Smart Selling on the phone and onlineIn 1992, I decided to write my first sales book. I didn’t really mean to, but I was ‘retired’ from my company in London, and living on a small ranch in Taos, and had absolutely nothing to do with my time for the first time in my life. So I began putting together pages of thoughts that I had, and they turned in to “Sales on the Line” which is still in print. When the book came out in 1993, it was one of 26 telephone-based sales books. 26. Really.

Now, Josiane Feigon – one of the leading sales thinkers focused on inside sales – has updated, upgraded the form: her new book “Smart-Selling on the Phone and On-Line: inside sales that gets results” tells it like it is and gives sellers the tools to use to be successful immediately both on the phone and on-line.

Given that Josiane is managing the sales/solution-placement end of the buying decision (as opposed to the behind-the-scenes change-based decisions that Buying Facilitation™ manages), she does a fine job of clearly presenting tactics and skill sets.

Here are some compelling bullets about the book:

  • Cubicle Chronicles features in every chapter put readers inside the cubicle with the trainer to hear firsthand how reps go wrong on the phone and online, and what to do to get it right.
  • Real-world sales strategies include ready-to-use templates for emails and phone calls for a variety of scenarios, and the Comeback Pack—100 questions you can use right now to effectively counter almost any objection.
  • Selling in a Sales 2.0 World features in every chapter—secrets of navigating an information-rich sales environment to your best advantage.
  • Strategy takeaways in ever chapter make quick reference simple.

This book will tell you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. If you’re using the phone as one of your sales tools – and you should be!!! – get this book. It will help you sell better. You can even use these skills alongside of  Buying Facilitation™. Enjoy.

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