Is the world ready for a new sales model? Yes!

klmOver the next few weeks I’ll be going to several countries to spread the word, teach Buying Facilitation™, keynote, and license new trainers who will be teaching Buying Facilitation™ in other countries. The most interesting fact about this is that the interest is not coming from my new book Dirty Little Secrets but from my years/decades of writing and lecturing and speaking about Buying Factiliation®. I’m hearing things like: I’ve been waiting until I had a stable sales force to bring you in; I’ve had to wait until I was promoted before I could bring you in; I’ve read your books with interest, and am now in charge of the bottom line and can’t imagine doing it without us learning Buying Facilitation™.

I have longed for this moment. Worked hard, hoping that the silence and resistance, doubt and annoyance I’ve experienced since the 80s (and sometimes still do), would someday open to change. As my old mentor Willis Harmon (the beloved futurist who started Institute of Noetic Sciences and wrote the book Global Mind Change in 1990) used to tell me, “Sharon-Drew! You can’t get there from here!” And I knew he was right – I just didn’t know what to do about it. So I did the only thing a cockeyed optimist knows how to do – keep the faith, keep writing and speaking, and trust that some day I’d make myself heard. On my desk I used to have a large sign that read: “Behind every might oak was a nut that held its ground.” I was almost proud to be the nut. But the truth was, I didn’t know how to do anything else.

But now, it seems as if it’s happened, that the world is ready and I have a place in it. Someone recently asked me if I was proud of the contribution I”ve made (‘You weren’t ahead of the curve – you MADE the curve.”). I realized that I’m not proud. But I sure am relieved. How fortunate I am to know that my life has made a difference.


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