Interview with Lee Colan

lee colanLee Colan is one of those very special people who understands that without employees being leaders, a company can never achieve it’s full success.

He is one of those very committed, focused people, who gets in there with the human factor and teaches the route to excellence. I’m very impressed with Lee, and how he helps the whole corporate culture be an environment in which change and growth, creativity and commitment can take place. Not only that, he’s one of the few people I know who truly understands how change happens in systems, and how to manage change without the sort of chaos that stultifies growth.

Here is an interview Lee and I did recently. Enjoy it. And then go visit his site and see what he’s up to: If the time comes when you are ready to truly commit to your people, your company, and your business, call Lee. He’s the best.

Listen to the interview now.

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