Implementing Change From Inception

Hi Everyone:

As we enter the new year, one of the problems that I know so many of you face is ensuring that your change situations get implemented. I have some thoughts on how to employ Buying Facilitation to help.

When something new enters a system, it challenges the status quo (especially a person’s internal status quo), and folks resist. When we bring in a new technology, or reorganize jobs and job descriptions, etc. we must ensure
that the change we request gets adopted and accepted head-to-heart – from the person’s belief level.

Using Buying Facilitation, I could develop a piece of software called
Facilitating Change: creating Buy-In to enhance full participation from
inception through implementation.

Since Buying Facilitation is really a Decision Facilitation model, and
I’m already developing a bit of software for sellers, no reason I
couldn’t expand this to the general population.

What are you folks using now to help you implement change from the inside out – from the beliefs TO the behavior?

3 thoughts on “Implementing Change From Inception”

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