Holiday Cheer All Year

I’m a buddhist, so I have no religeous affilitation or particular reason to celebrate at this time of year. But I can certainly enjoy the holiday spirit. And I can appreciate the friendliness and kindness that people are showing each other.

What makes it possible for folks to have such cheer now, rather than at other times during the year? That was the most striking thing about Australia: it seemed as if everyone was ‘doing’ Christmas – an entire country of people being friendly and kind. Kinda shocking to my system. So why can’t/don’t we do that here?

For the new year, I wish that we all have Christmas and Chanukah, songs and food and gifts, all year. I wish that we all remember and care about, and ‘gift’ loved ones daily. I hope we can all extend kindness and open-heartedness to our friends and colleagues, and especially our enemies. I would like us all to remember those in need, and do our parts to ensure no children suffer from hunger or cold — correction: that no PEOPLE suffer from hunger or cold, anywhere in the world.

As a Buddhist, I know that each of you is part of me. I promise to serve and support you in any way I can, to keep myself – and you – honest and kind. And in integrity. And I hope that all of you do the same with everyone around you.

Let’s use this holiday cheer as a reminder that we need our planet to be healthy: it’s our home, and we should care for it like we do our own shelter.

I wish us all an extended Holiday Season: may we all be happy, fed, warm, delighted, kind, supportive, and respectful to everyone and everything around us. Every day, and all year.

Blessings. And thank you all for all the respect and kindness you have shown me. I look forward to continuing to serve you.


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