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This is a copy of an email I got from a prospect considering whether or not to attend my public Buying Facilitation™ training. I’ve included my response so you can see how I use the decision facilitation model to help the buyer buy. This is unedited: I just omitted his name.

Hi Sharon-Drew,

I’ve got a little buying decision process of my own to manage. I’m in a new position, the boss is open to me trying new things to move sales forward, but I haven’t been here long enough to have any ‘capital’ to cash in and ask for him to ‘front’ the funds for the seminar/guided study. At the same time I’m trying to manage the expectations of my fiancée with respect to my job (Commission vs Hourly). The old story. Do you have any sage advice or facilitation questions I could ask myself in order to get me where I need to be.

I know something HAS TO CHANGE and I’ve got to graduate to a different level to have the type of success I want to achieve…

RESPONSE from Sharon-Drew:

What has stopped you from making any changes until now? It seems like your status quo has been fine until now, or you would have made a change already.

How will you know when it’s time to add some new skills to what you’re already doing?

What will it look/sound/act like when what you are doing is no longer good-enough? How will you know that one set of skills  would serve you better than another?

What would you need to know about any proposed change (i.e new skill set), before you’d be ready to consider adding new skills to what you’re already doing successfully? And how would you know, at the start, that the ‘something new’ would fit with what you’re already doing so you have a cohesive skill set?

How would you/your boss know before you made a commitment to take a program or learn a new skill that you’d end up getting the tools you seek and that they would give you the level of success that may not be possible for you given your current skill set?

I recognize that there are many choices you’ll have to make. I hope these questions help you make your best decision. Once you come up with these answers, it will be easier to know if adding Buying Facilitation™ will give you the outcomes you seek.


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