Grof Transpersonal Training

Just back from holiday. Had a chance to experience a group of people at the Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT) center who carry forward the work of Stan Grof, the psychiatrist who created the holotropic breathing system. It’s a mix of breathing and music, meditation and healing, that brings participants through a journey towards wholeness.
I strongly recommend this for people who actively seek internal change. It’s a strong, humbling approach to serving yourself and others, while healing those places in us that sometimes effect others inadertently. This group is the very essence of serving: they’ve dedicated their lives to helping people become all they can be. And the journey we each take toward wholeness is often less than pretty – yet these dear folks hang in with great love and respect.
Since my own work is a model that supports healing interactions between sellers and buyers, I’ve found the Grof work to be a huge help in not only managing my own emotional center, but in helping my clients manage theirs. Check it out at The world is a better place with these folks in it.
– Sharon-Drew

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