Good Practice Praises Buying Facilitation®

“Working with Sharon-Drew has provided much more than a new skill set. She has great change skills and brings a wonderful insight which means she is a catalyst for change and she has the skills, perception and knowledge to help ensure that the change succeeds. Buying Facilitation™ is not just about sales, and serving your clients better. For individuals it is a life skill that gives them the skills to help others reach their right decision and for an organisation it provides a change catalyst that is exciting and dynamic.”

Working with Peter has also been a blessing. Not only did we work with his sales team, but we used the Model to help him get implementation for the sorts of change he wished for, and got buy-in from the folks along the way. What fun we had!

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  1. I would fully support these views. Sharon-Drew has great insight and perception and when I attended the programme, I got a whole lot more than just the training. You leave with a sense of inspiration and know that there is a better way! You also learn loads about yourself – highly recommended

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