Getting Serious About My Blog

I just decided it’s time to get serious about blogging. It took a while, cuz I couldn’t figure out what I needed to blog about, different from my essays, newsletters, articles, books, etc.

But I just realized that I’ve overlooked a vitally important aspect of my legacy: not only have I developed a wholly original selling model, but indeed there is a way that the Buying Facilitation Method can work alongside of most of the well-known consultative sales approaches. And, many of the developers of these important models are my buddies, and I’m proud to be able to introduce them as folks who are good, kind, smart, and truly caring about the sales profession.

Mistakenly, I have been positioning Buying Facilitation against conventional sales models, rather than showing folks how to have them work together: indeed, it’s both AND, not either OR.
Let me make up some of the differences by inviting you to meet some of my friends in the business.
1. TONY PARINELLO. “Selling to VITO”, plus the CLUB VITO radio show, are Tony’s important offerings into the world of selling. Coining the phrase VITO (Very Important Top Officer) was brilliant and necessary; at the end of the day, without buy-in from the Top, you can’t close a sale. Buying Facilitation works alongside of VITO selling, as it provides additional tools and skills to help the Top Officer reach his/her best decision. Have a look at Tony’s site: Let me know what you think about Buying Facilitation and VITO selling working together.
2. JACQUES WERTH. “High Probability Selling”. Jacques is so smart; not only does he teach you how to go about seeking the buyer, but he provides a service that will do the work FOR you. Buying Facilitation can be used along with High Prob to actually help the prospect make quicker decisions – especially to engage the ones who didn’t know they needed anything to begin with, but with a well-placed Facilitative Question (How would you know if it were time for you and your Buying Team to X?), the probability of them wanting to buy from you gets even higher. Give me a taste of some of the Facilitative Questions you used to help folks who
would have said ‘no’ to give you the YES you deserve.
3. JERRY ACUFF. “The Relationship Edge”. Jerry’s the guy who can teach you how to build positive business relationships. With a warm heart, a down-home attitude and wit, Jerry is delightful – and smart. Buying Facilitation adds to his Meaningful Dialogue by offering a replicatable route through the buyer’s decision making that supports the collaboration and mutual respect. If you get a chance, let me know how successful you are in adding some Facilitative Questions to your Meaningful Dialogues with Jerry.
I’m going to write a few more blogs on how Buying Facilitation can add to current sales techniques so you don’t have to choose either/or but can incorporate Buying Facilitation in any model you’re currently choosing. I’ll also introduce you to a few other friends. Let’s all ensure we have a full set of tools and models to help us discover all of the business we deserve to close.

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