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podcastHi Everyone:

I decided to give you all of the podcasts, videos, and audio files of the interviews I’ve done recently so you can kick back and enjoy some ‘easy listening’ if you find listening easier than reading. I believe that you’ll be able to upload many of these onto your MP3 player for when you’re working out at the gym and need to get your mind off of the pain.

  • Maestro: With a few dozen attendees, we ran a training session in which I lectured and did a Q&A about Buying Facilitation™ and sales. It was great fun.
  • Meri Aaron Walker: Meri Aaron and I have a video conversation about change and decision making.
  • Brian Carroll: Brian and I speak about how decision facilitation can help sellers become leaders for their clients/prospects.
  • Lee Glickstein: Lee is the fabulous thought-leader who developed Relational Presence and Speaking Circles. He and I discuss some ‘dirty little secrets’ and how sales folks can truly serve clients.
  • Clayton Shold: Clayton and I discussed how sales people can be better/better/best!
  • Lee Colan: Lee really wanted to understand Buying Facilitation™ and how it could be used with sales.
  • Jeff Ogden: Jeff and I discussed some of the failures with sales and what to do about them.
  • High Velocity Radio: This was a fun interview: Stone asked me about the development of Buying Facilitation™ and why it’s important.
  • Gravity Free Radio: Eric was the perfect foil: he made typical assumptions about selling, and we used our time to show how sales fails and what you can do about it.

Don’t forget: Dirty Little Secrets is still in its launch phase. When you purchase the book between now and Oct. 29, you’ll get a bunch of free stuff from such folks as Lee Colan, Tony Parinello, Jill Konrath, and Anne Miller.

Tony Parinello and I will be doing a radio show this Friday, Oct 22, at 10 PT, 1 ET. Put it on your calendars and I’ll be giving you a link for the show shortly. Tony and I always have SUCH fun together – two visionaries at opposite ends of the sales spectrum, who love and respect each other, and butt heads (but never hearts) and chat, question, argue, discuss… It’s always interesting and thought – provoking.

Enjoy the learning, and the fun. If you have purchased the book and have questions, email me at And stay tuned: I’m creating monthly call-in coaching hours for those individuals interested in learning more and  joining a community.


There is still time to get the freebies for: Dirty Little Secrets: why buyers can’t buy and sellers can’t sell and what to do about it. Check out the site for more details.

Or consider purchasing the bundleDirty Little Secrets plus my last book Buying Facilitation™: the new way to sell that influences and expands decisions. These books were written to be read together, as they offer the full complement of concepts to help you learn and understand Buying Facilitation™ – the new skill set that gives you the ability to lead buyers through their buying decisions. You still get the freebies with the bundle order.

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