Eric Wolf and Stephanie Frost Unmask Marketing/Join Me and VITO

marketing-unmaskedIf you are a small business owner, or know one, or will one day be one, get this book. It’s awesome. You’ll learn a lot, it will save you heartache, and you’ll get business and make money.

OK. Now let me give you the details. Eric Wolf and Stephanie Frost have written an important book: Marketing:Unmasked – insider’s tips & tricks for small business marketing. It’s a very clear, very thorough romp (filled with activities, ‘to-do’ stuff, etc.) through social media offering high-level information on necessary topics that business owners need to know to be successful in this market and economy. It is meticulous and simply written – one of those rare books that says exactly what it needs to say without fillers, yet playful enough to be enjoyable. As an author myself, I was touched by the elegance of the writing.  It will teach you how to make informed decisions to market strategically with truly honest, real-world, wise advice, learned from being in the field with clients.

The book says it offers “… little tastes of many different flavors, like branding, logo design, marketing planning, web design, and social media, and … hiring good marketing, branding, and design partners.” (pg 16).

I adore that Eric and Stephanie believe that branding is an ‘experience.’  In the book they say, “… the intire interaction someone has with your business…the graphics they see…the words they read, the words they hear, and the emotions they feel… every point of contact between you and your customer – your receptionist, your brochure, your order form… sales team, and your product or service… the soul, the intangible essense behind everything that your customers experience when they deal with your buyers.”

This book is one of those rare gems that is packed with important information on every page. Please, do yourself a favor and buy the book.


Tony_ParinelloEvery few years, Tony Parinello (Getting to VITO)  and I sit down over coffee, each at our individual desks 1000 miles away from each other, and invite perfect strangers to hear us banter on Tony’s radio show. We goad each other, laugh with each other, tell each other stories – he’s the VITO guy and I’m the Buying Facilitation™ gal – and between us bring some light into the field of sales.

Join us on Friday at 10 a.m. PT, 1:00 ET, as Tony and I play. It’s been a few years since we’ve last chatted, so it should be a real hoot. And you might learn a lot also.

Here is how to listen, and be a guest of Tony’s regular show for our segment:

User Name: BeMyGuest
Password:  Sharon-Drew

If you miss this, I’ll put up a link to the podcast of the interview on Monday.
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