Drive sales, manage change, with Eric Blumthal

Have you ever tried to change behaviors?

Have you asked your sales team do something new that needs to be reinforced as they learn – and you’re not able to sit with them every hour to make sure they are doing it right?

Do you know when you’re learning something if you’re getting it right – or practicing the wrong thing?

As the self-avowed Queen of Change, I can uniquivocably say that there is nothing like Q to imbed, manage, and supervise change. With a learning component as well as a coaching component, Q will help your folks (or you – just in case you need to learn something new) be more successful with the new skills you’re asking them to learn. Not to mention that there will be consistency throughout your sales team as they all learn the same thing, in the same way – and you can follow their progress as they learn.

Here is what the Count5 site says about Q:

Q is able to spend 5-10 minutes per day with each employee a couple of times each week to help them stay focused and remember the things they should SAY, DO and KNOW to improve their performance.

While far more ingenious than just this one example, one of the ways Q works to keep the learning and required change on track is to  present scenarios or ask quick questions to check people’s knowledge and to confirm their ability to make the right decisions. If they don’t answer correctly, Q teaches them the right answer and explains why. And this part is cool: Q remembers where each person needs help and will individualize future reinforcement events to fill those gaps – then Q documents the improvement. Great way for a manager to follow a seller’s progress!

Indeed, Count5 is a company that really, really cares about doing business with you and ensuring that you are getting all your needs met:

Count5 strives to be easy-to-do-business with – and we take a proactive role in helping you evaluate, socialize and successfully implement. As an annual subscription model, we feel it is our obligation to not only make you thrilled with the launch, but to make sure you have all the training, best practices, tools and processes in place to make sure Q’s value is sustainable. We look at customers as long term partners – so all deployment services are fixed-fee (no time and materials, SOW’s, billable hours, etc.) – we just do whatever is necessary to make you successful.

I know Eric, the brains behind this technology. He’s a smart man with a big intellect and an even bigger heart, who truly cares about people and making a difference – not to mention a force behind change. If you’re seeking to have your team learn and change in a way that will give you (and them) consistent success, have a look at Q.

What is Q?

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