Do You Need A Job? Let Jill Konrath Help.

Jill KonrathLots of folks are out of jobs at the moment. It may not be you, but you may know someone.

My friend Jill Konrath has a passion for helping people get back to work. She has a site, Get Back To Work Faster that includes all-things-necessary to get a job – articles about job search and interviewing techniques, services to help you find appropriate companies to interview with, job market reports, using the internet to find a job and find networks that will help.

The site is filled with handy, necessary, creative job hunting support tools. It’s all free. And her stuff is fresh and thoughtful.

In fact, Jill is inviting you to attend a free webinar on “How to get a job when no one is hiring.” Tell your friends about it who are job hunting.

And, her book Get Back to Work Faster will be out in the fall, but she’s offering it for FREE now as a download.

Now that I’ve introduced you to Jill – the job maven, let me also introduce you to Jill – the sales maven.

Jill (a best selling author of the book Selling to Big Companies) is one of the sales folks whose work I admire enormously. She is the only person I know whose work is a link between mine and typical sales.

Jill talks/writes about the buying decision, and thoughtfully introduces some top notch thinking and models to give small-medium business owners tools to help buyers buy.

While it doesn’t go as far as my Buying Facilitation™ model does to engage the off-line, hidden,  personal buy in issues necessary for buyers to address before making a purchase, she goes farther than anyone else I know in understanding the importance of influencing the non-solution  end of a sale.

I respect her and her work greatly. Whether you need a job, or are a small business needing some help to close sales, have a look at her sites. I’m so lucky she’s my friend.

Check out her site: Selling To Big Companies

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