Decision Making The Expert Way

expert choiceYou all know that my passion is helping people make decisions. I have put my decision facilitation model into sales, but it’s equally at home in any situation in which one person is helping another person decide.

Enter Expert Choice. Expert Choice is a decision facilitation software tool. They offer teams of decision makers “rapid convergence of experience, intuition, and data to collaborate and make decisions with alignment, buy-in, and confidence.”

In today’s business world, companies are shifting. New people, new initiatives, interesting budget discussions. People are located all over the world, and yet are asked to work together. Now, with the Expert Choice family of products, they will have the tools to do so.

Their site says: “We improve your understanding of the decisions you and your organization face. Our software and approaches help organizations combine expertise, intuition, and hard data in a collaborative environment.”

I’m very impressed. Web-based or desk-top based, for project management and strategic planning, to prioritize or collaborate, they’ve created a product that can be used in any industry. Of course, I”m now having conversations with them to have them consider using my decision facilitation material on the front end, but honestly, their product is so good and so robust that they are hugely successful without me (Darn!).

And they are professionals. My friend Rich Doughterty is the President and CEO. He’s an open, caring, smart man who is seriously committed to creating a model in which everyone in a company can collaborate.

Check them out. They are doing good work. And if I can’t help you help your team make decisions, he can.


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