Dancing With My Shoes Off

ballerinaTonight I decided to do my very favorite thing in the world: dance.

Of all of the things I do, of all of the things I am, Dancer is #1.

Dancing fills my heart – in that special place that is joy. I don’t often get to feel it in my daily stress that seems to go on way too long into the night.

But when I dance, my heart flutters. And the flutter gets down into my bones. And then I move from inside out.

There is a group in Austin called Body Choir. We are a motley crew: aged 2 months to 90 – median age maybe 40; lawyers, architects, politicians, yoga teachers, musicians, house painters, professors, consultants, chefs, waitresses, authors. The world, somehow.

And a few times a week we dance. We dance for 2 hours, barefoot, silent, in a large studio. About 100 of us at a time. We dance to world music according to the rhythms of Gabrielle Roth – soft to loud to soft; gentle to rough to gentle; inside to outside to inside.

We dance alone. Or with each other. Whatever feels right. And it’s the only place where nothing is expected accept safety. So I can dance, and play with others, and lay on the floor. And just be. With a fluttering heart and whistling bones.

And that is what I did tonight. Thought I’d share it with you.


2 thoughts on “Dancing With My Shoes Off”

  1. I'm glad to hear you are a dancer…I danced for years, and just watching the graceful sway of a dancer's movement is still very calming to me. Thanks for sharing…and continue to dance.

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