CustomerThink: a company committed to collaboration

Do you want to research something – anything, almost – about business? Pretty broad query, no?

Welcome to CustomerThink, a site that makes everything necessary for you to know – data made available through blog posts, white papers, articles – available to all. And all of the articles are customer-centric.

Indeed, it’s a wonderous site: easy to navigate, and covers a broad range of information from technology, social media, sales and marketing,  branding, the customer experience, buying decisions. All of it is up-t0-date, intelligent, and well written.

I’ve seen a lot of sites that offer data, but this one is just delicious. The tabs are properly labelled, so I can find what I want; there is an array of different topics and thinkers, all involved with some form of customer-centric discussion (The company CEO, Bob Thompson, is passionate about customer-centric business practices); there are white papers and webinars for me to discover new material to think about, and learn what’s new in the world.

Going to CustomerThink is like going to a candy store if you like candy, or a sporting goods store if you’re a jock. Fun, exciting, and full of tools.


Do you remember CRMGuru? Well, they have morphed into CustomerThink, growing from a technology focus into a people-focus. Here is a bit from Bob’s 10-year anniversary blog post:

I’ve traveled the globe speaking at conferences; met and worked with many of the brightest minds in the industry; and learned a lot about customer-centric business management. And life.

The main business lesson I’ve learned is that the right people make all the difference in the world. Leaders who envision the future and inspire others. Strategists who think and plan. Supporters who put the new ideas to work. Techies who evangelize and implement new tools. Critics who question conventional wisdom.

On a personal level, I’ve learned that what’s most important is my family.

To read the whole blog post, go to:Happy 10th anniversary to the CustomerThink community

And, do yourself a favor: join their community, send a note to Bob, and find a way to connect. You’ll be a better person for it – in your own family, and with your staff and clients. Bob is a wondrous leader and joyous follower. We’re all lucky he found his niche, and we can play with him as he learns and grows daily.


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