Collaboration Management

I work alongside of change agents as a coach and a support person. What I’m hearing, over and over again, leads me to believe that everything boils down to a People Problem.
I’m familiar with an outsourced project that includes a 13,000 page
contract, and yet somehow, people problems rear their ugly heads over and over again: people not communicating fully; people not doing a whole job and covering up, leaving others at risk for failure; people not talking to their managers to discuss problems, and trying to do it all on their own; people making assumptions that are inaccurate and not checked out until there is a problem.
Each and every time there is a mis-communication, or a non-communication, a withholding or an avoidance, there is a direct consequence to the project. And the project begins to slip – almost imperceptable at first, but quite pervasive in short order.
What needs to happen for us to recognize that the focus of all of our work is People?

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