Change, change, change

Sales folks who are not changing their approach, or their activity, or their go-to-market strategies are going to go the way of the newspaper: doomed. There is just too much change going on now in the industry to keep doing what you’ve always done. The large companies know this (kinda); the smaller ones are pushing the elephant uphill and suffering.

Let me pose a few questions for you to help you think through the issues you should be thinking about now.

Is your branding and marketing being done in a way that the buyer can make sense of — their way (not your way)? How do you know? What flexibility do you have to make the necessary changes?  And how will you choose the right changes to make – and know they were the right choices (and if not, make changes quickly)?

What sort of model do you have in place to help sellers and buyers collaborate around the sorts of issues buyers have to manage behind-the-scenes?

What’s the difference between what – and how – your buyers want to buy vs. what – and how – you are selling?

How is your sales effort enabling the buying decision process rather than just pushing solution?

How are you positioned to enter the buying decision issues earlier in the buyer’s journey – you know, that human side of decision making that sales doesn’t handle very well?

How accessible are you – or do you have one of those gated community/sites that no one can get through?

How are you serving your prospects in a way that makes you THE solution choice over your competitors – and not just because of your solution?

How are you enabling the Buying Decision Team to work with you to help them get the buy-in they need to move forward (Hint: giving them data about your solution does not work here).

If you start by answering these few questions, you’ll have some idea of the position you are in to move forward and be flexible during these interesting times. There is plenty of opportunity for creativity here. So enjoy.


And for those wanting more information about the Buyer’s Journey, listen to me and Mark Sellers on a live webinar on August 19.

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