Buying Facilitation® in the mainstream

It’s been about 15 years that I’ve been working at changing the entire field of sales to include a Buying Facilitation™ front end. In the beginning, I only got attention and business from the visionaries

Now that the idea is moving from visionary to early adopter (hey, folks, when you use words like ‘buying decisions‘ and ‘buying patterns‘ and ‘buying criteria‘ they most probably come from my books, talks, articles, keynotes, etc. from the past 15 years), I’m hoping that some brilliant person will come forward and take over and help me cross the chasm (thanks Geoffrey Moore) into mainstream. I’m the wrong person to do it.

Anyone want to help? Seems to me there will be as much time in this new model of selling (Buying Facilitation™) as Dale Carnegie had in his model. After all, all sales until now is a subset of Carnegie’s thinking. And it’s less effective than it should be, given where our world is now.

Anyone wanna play?

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