Buying Facilitation® Digital Selling

The Problem:

When collecting data from incoming digital marketing campaigns, you have no idea

  • The lead’s position on the Buying Decision Team
  • The use of the content
  • The lead’s ability to influence a sale

As a result, you are

  • Wasting the time of sales people by giving them bad leads
  • Missing many opportunities with leads that may be viable but aren’t being scored properly
  • Closing only a fraction of your possible opportunities.

The Solution:

Here at Morgen Facilitations, we can help mitigate these problems by helping you and your team enter the buyer’s decision journey earlier and helping them get the necessary buy-in — even from a telesales scripted call.

  • Get rid of leads that won’t close before handing them over to sales
  • Help your leads bring together the entire Buying Decision Team on the first call so the buying decision is lined up when the sales person gets the lead
  • Determine where the lead is, along the human side of the buying journey (separate from their need or your solution content)

Let us help you optimize your sales folks’ time by giving them solid, qualified leads that are far along the buying decision journey.

We offer:

  • Telesales scripts to convert leads to qualified/scored prospects ready for the sales team to close.
  • Training to help your folks learn how to turn leads to prospects.
  • Coaching to optimize the workflow and lead management between marketing automation, telesales, and sales.

Call us to discuss your needs today, and speak with Sharon-Drew personally: 512-457-0246

As industry leaders in managing the buying decision journey, we look forward to serving you.

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