Business Writing: How to Write Like a Pro AND Get the Deal

How to Write ProposalsNeil Sawyer is re-launching his nifty book How to Write Proposals, Sales Letters, and Reports: Writing for a fast moving world.

If you do business writing to help you get business, this is a good book to have handy. Not only does it walk you through every single aspect of every single thing you need to do to be successful, it also gives you definitions, examples, illustrations, summaries, tips, warning, charts, to-do lists – everything that you’ll need to do a good job.

For those of you who are already using Buying Facilitation™ the book focuses on conventional sales strategies (I’m convinced I’m going to get Neil to include something about how Buying Facilitation™ shifts the direction and focus of proposals to include how to influence the behind-the-scenes non-solution-related decisions), you’ll need to add some Facilitative Questions, and do your up-front work differently. But the basics are all here in detail and with great clarity.

What’s so interesting about this book is how it breaks apart everything you need to do and actually helps you think through how to do it: how to brainstorm, how to edit, how to do mind maps. For those of you who resist writing, or who have a hard time, or who do a lot of business writing and could use some additional tips, or for those just starting out, pick up a copy of this book. It’s one of those you should keep on your shelf.


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