Brian Carroll Starts With A Lead

Brian CarrollBefore you can make a sale – either using conventional sales or Buying Facilitation™ – you’ve gotta have a lead.

Enter Brian Carroll. He’s InTouch – literally. That’s the name of his company.

Brian will help you get leads. He’ll either make appointments for you, qualify leads, nurture your prospects (hats off to Jim Cecil here, founder of Nurture Marketing and the Drip System), plan events to get you leads – you name it, Brian is InTouch with getting you leads in the B2B market.

Here’s what Brian’s site says:

How Do We Work With Your Leads?

  • Get in – Identify the right people in the right companies
  • Stay in – Establish a memorable dialog
  • Qualify – Ask the right questions
  • Nurture – Stay engaged with relevant content and timely conversations until they’re ready to convert
  • Optimize – Leverage the value of your leads and inquiries to generate more revenue and ROI


What Kind Of Results Will Your Company See?

  • A continuous pipeline of qualified sales opportunities.
  • Increased knowledge of who the most viable prospects are in your market.
  • Focus on the key decision makers in each of your target organizations.
  • Improved sales team effectiveness (more targeted selling time).
  • More predictable revenue growth.

Brian hasn’t learned Buying Facilitation™ yet – although he’s en route and reading two of my books –  believing that he can better serve his clients in the above ways once he adds the behind-the-scenes decision management into his skill set. But even using conventional sales, Brian is a winner.

Take a look at Brian’s book: Lead Generation for the Complex Sale.

Brian is a committed professional, who takes his job as being an industry leader quite seriously. If you are seeking someone to help you get the right leads in the B2B marketplace, Brian’s the person. He’s a very nice man also.


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