Make your brain better – the fun way

Richard Trafton and Diane Marentette have written a useful, engaging, and well-written book to help us all be better leaders. A New Brain for Business is a gentle, smart book filled with really good ideas about how to change to be the best you can be, using your natural brain propensities.

One of my favorite things about this book is the gentleness and spiritual acceptance that shines through the book. No matter what your current skills are as a leader, this book will take you to the next level and gently show you where you are starting from.

Broken up into the different problems leaders face, A New Brain shows you how your brain is set up to do what it does, and then leads you through the changes you and your brain can easily make to be able to have new choices and skills.

Rich  and Diane also run a business to teach leaders how to lead, and help businesses be more effective:

They say their work is to translate good science into good business. We will partner with you to deliver customized engagements with the goal of driving business performance and building more effective organizations with the impact being:

  • business results increase
  • morale increases
  • bickering is reduced
  • better decisions are made
  • better alignment is sustained
  • territorialism or siloing is reduced
  • more enthusiastically committed people drive the business

I like their book. I love their work. So will you. Read the book, contact them, and then become the leader and the company Rich and Diane can help you become.


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