Book Publishing the Easy Way

How many people have a book in them? I suppose we all do. But then we want to get it published; therein lies the problem.

There are so many choices when it comes to writing a book. Do you find a publisher, self publish, get a ghost writer? Do you write the book first and then try to have it published? Or find an agent first?

Once the book is written – even if it’s being published by a large publishing house (a very rare feat these days for a new author), it’s necessary to market it. How do you market it using on-line social media? Do you need a PR agent?

I have decided to design a new site I’m going to name (not live yet, folks) so I can walk new authors through all of the choices they need to make en route to publishing their tome. I’m going to use my own patented technology for decision-making to help folks think through possibilities and ultimately offer resources. There certainly are many possibitilities, as well as untold numbers of companies and consultants to bring books to the shelves.

For those of you seeking help figuring out how,when,where, why, and if to write a book, stay tuned! Contact me if you want to begin a conversation.


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