Asking The Hard Questions: Jim Altfeld

Jim Altfeld asks questions. He asks you to ask yourself questions.  Anyone who cares about questions and good decision making is a good friend of mine. Not to mention the words ‘collaboration’  ‘cooperation’  ‘inspire’  ‘commitment’  turn me on.

If you want to find out if you’ve done what you need to do, will get the results you want, have a look at these two links – I think they are very useful:

Jim is a guy who comes into a company, makes a big mess (on top of the mess you’ve already made for yourself) and then cleans it all up so you barely recognize it – and it’s in better shape than you could have wished for. I don’t mean to keep quoting him, but the guy is SO quotable:

“Too often change gets treated as though it can be simply installed, managed and engineered. The key to implementation is bringing your people together, interdependently, and thinking in terms of “we” versus “you and I”. People only support what they help create.”

If you need some help strategizing to get to a place where you feel successful, listen to this:  “What I am is a get it done, hands-on, go-to-guy, dedicated to making the changes and achieving the goals you want to see within your company.  I encourage planning and push execution. I utilize a combination of strategic and tactical approaches to help you create a strategically aligned, horizontally integrated, customer focused interdependent company..”

I love what he says about hiring a consultant: “The consultant’s role is to augment your thought process through discovery, engagement and dialogue. The consultant’s role should never be to take control away from you or anyone else in your business.”

OK??  Got it? He’s the ‘fix it up chappy’ as Dr. Seuss would say. I sure hope you never need him cuz your business is just rolling along perfectly. But in case you need some help, call Jim.


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