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anne millerI’m going to use my post today to do a push for a sales buddy – a woman who has integrity, vision, humor, and passion. She’s got some pretty neat stuff also.

Anne Miller is different. She works with metaphors and magic moments. She cares about how you position yourself with your buyers, and has more focus on how you say what you say than on your product.

For years, Anne has worked with ‘high profile companies in high stakes situations’, such as Goldman Sachs and Yahoo, Conde Nast and Robison Oil. She has helped them sell millions of dollars of business by blending moxy with true understanding of people and how people think. Her thinking is fresh, her message hits home, and she knows how to get you to take action.

Anne actually teaches people to engage their minds before their mouths. Imagine.

So – go to Anne’s webinar on Wednesday. Data below. And if you can’t make it, go to her site and find out more about her – maybe even sign up for her free newsletters.

Go to and get your free paper on how to present with more power than you ever thought possible.


Are You Missing the Mark In These Magic Moments In Sales?
Prevent Sales From Stalling Out On You
Presented by Anne Miller

  • 3 magic moments won or lost in engaging clients
  • 3 magic moments won or lost in presenting to clients
  • 2 magic moments won or lost in dealing with concerns
  • 2 magic moments won or lost in advancing business to the next step
  • 2 magic moments won or lost in negotiating
  • 1 magic moment won or lost in follow-up

Wednesday, July 15, 2009, 1:00pm – 2:00pm  Eastern Time –

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