Anne Miller is the Queen of the Metaphor!

You’re finally speaking with the right prospect – either on the phone or in person. You have a great product and even greater competition. How do you differentiate yourself? How do you get the prospect to hear you? To know how to evaluate you and your solution? To know how the solution will fit?

Anne Miller will tell you how to do it – and do it right. With grace and brilliance, Anne tells stories that will teach you how to say what the buyer wants to hear, in the way s/he wants to hear it.

Her new book “Make What You Say Pay!” is chock full of  stories and Take-Away tips to help you say the right thing at the right time.

According to Anne (and I believe her), the book (and Anne’s coaching and training) will show you how to “increase business success multiple times over using the power of metaphor to cut through clutter, confusion and complacency.” Here is a link to 2 free chapters of the new book:

Your friends and clients will welcome the chance to see how easy it can be to create a world of livelier and more profitable business conversations for themselves.

 There’s even a story about my Pick-up-Sticks metaphor that I use when explaining to sales folks where in the organizational structure their ‘problem’ lies (Hint: it’s the black one.).

Read the free chapters and then go buy the book. And then write me and thank me — after you send Anne a kiss. Tell her I told you to do it.


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