Amacus counts stuff that counts

My friend and partner John Cousineau recently gave me a great line as to what his firm does: “I count stuff that counts”.

What that means is that his firm, Amacus (, shows you how your activity is bringing you the results you’re getting.

  • Are you making cold calls? How fast are you getting conversions?
  • Are you making calls from marketing automation leads to get appointments? How much time and effort is it taking you to close?
  • Of the folks who speak with you and take an appointment, what percent signal an interest in speaking with you again?

Amacus does some cool stuff: it helps each organization count what counts, so all sales and marketing efforts can be tracked to their logical conclusion: are buyers buying. And if not, where do you lose them? And what are your choices then?

Take a look at this cool video that John has put together. Then email him at and let him help you count what counts.


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