Adding Buying Facilitation® to Consultative Sales: Friends

As per my realization that the Buying Facilitation Method needn’t be juxtaposed with consultative sales, and is indeed an add-on skill, yesterday I introduced you to 3 of my consultative selling friends, Tony Parinello, Jacques Werth, and Jerry Acuff. Today I’m going to introduce you to 3 more folks – very different, and equally wonderful, to the first three.

Let’s begin with my friend Jeff Thull. Jeff’s work (Exceptional Selling) most parallel’s my own. He works with companies doing complex sales, and connects the solutions to the client’s business drivers. He’s prolific, professional, and certainly is focused on incorporating the buying end into the sales effort. Buying Facilitation would add yet another tool into Jeff’s fabulous toolbox of skills, and would actually add another layer of systems management to the very front end of the seller/buyer relationship and actually offer an additional toolkit for the buyer to recognize, and manage, all of the systemic elements that need to be included, shifted, and reconfigured for any change to take place. Not only would Buying Facilitation add to Jeff’s current (amazing, professional) skills set by minimizing the purchasing
decision and time it takes to garner internal management decisions, it would also support effortless buy-in for the client side and also parallel Jeff’s focus on ethical, values-based collaboration.

Brian Tracy is of course, well, Brian Tracy. He’s not only the carrier of SALES as we’ve known it, but he’s smart, kind, professional, and really cares about people. He was certainly very giving to me when I needed a friend’s ear. Brian has more product than any other sales professional out there, and it’s all professionally done and very relevant to the seller who is seeking to learn the basics: give your customer what they want, at the price they want to pay, and give them the service they deserve. Buying Facilitation could easily tack on to Brian’s thinking: give sellers additional tools that are not about product but are geared to help the buyer make their best decision (the ones that are outside of the seller’s purview – the ones that the buyer’s have to make privately, internally, to be ready to make a buying decision that their status quo can tolerate). Once they know how to line up their internal decision process, then the pitching and information gathering, the presentations and the follow ups all become easier. I look forward to getting feedback from those of you willing to try adding Buying Facilitation to what you’re already doing with Brians work.

Alessandra is adding streetsmarts into the equation: how does it REALLY get done. And, Tony has built several  assessment tools to help you figure it out. He’s an amazing speaker. Really fun and professional, and his clients adore him. Adding Buying Facilitation to his work would make the decision making even quicker, while maintaining all of Tony’s unique take on the buyer/seller relationships.

Tomorrow I’ll take this even further. In the meantime, I look forward to some feedback.

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