A Purchase Is Not An Isolated Event

goal-250x187Why does the sales model merely focus on placing solutions when it’s last step buyers take during the buying decision process?
Would you ever jump up out of bed and say, “Geesh! I think I’ll just go out and buy a new car today! Maybe I’ll go to that dealership around the corner and see if there’s a pretty one!”
Would you ever come into work and announce:
“Guess what! I had an inspiration last night and bought all 1500 of us new CRM software from an ad I saw! They’re installing it next week! Hope you tech guys and users like it!”

If you were going to buy a new car, you’d get agreement from your buddies, do research, test drive some cars, peruse your budget, see about selling your current car. If you were going to buy your company software, you’d collaborate with the techies on whether now might be a good time to make changes, see how the new features overlap with existing software to handle implementation, and get buy-in and requirements from users.
The very last thing you’d do was make the purchase.

Pushing costs you sales and wastes time. You swoop in trying to be there the moment buyers are ready to finalize a choice. You try to get appointments with people who haven’t gone through their change management path yet. You waste time seeking the low hanging fruit.
Buyers must go down their decision path with you or without you. They start at the beginning, managing the full change process, not at the end where your solution comes in.
Let me teach you Buying Facilitation® and stop spending so much time, effort, and resource pushing information on the very last thing a buyer needs. Facilitate their buying journey. No, it’s not sales. But would you rather sit and wait for a few of them to show up? How’s that working for you?
This article is a scold: for goodness sakes, stop wasting so much of your time focusing on the very last piece of the buyer’s journey. Facilitate change first. Teach folks on cold calls how to think about systemic change. Then you can sell.

Buying Facilitation® works with sales to first facilitate change and then place solutions. Let me teach you the model. Sharondrew@sharondrewmorgen.com

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