A Disturbing Book

jeff blackwellI got a call today from my good friend Jeff Blackwell, the smart guy behind the SalesPractice.com sales training site. Jeff has been a buddy of mine since years ago, when we connected around adding some of my thinking to his site.

To be fair, Jeff is one of the few folks in the sales field who has always, consistently, believed that sales could be so-much-more, and became a fierce fan of my Buying Facilitation™ approach to the front end of the sales process. Jeff has been quite vocal that sales is an inadequate model that doesn’t quite manage the buyer’s decision making. He’s been one of my biggest fans.

Last month I sent him an early copy of my new book Dirty Little Secrets that’s coming out October 1. He called today.

“I have one word to say about the book.”

“So long as it’s a good one, I’m happy,” I said, somewhat scared. I know the book may be seen to be  controversial because it focuses on the behind-the-scenes decisions buyers need to manage to get buy-in for any sort of change or purchase; in a word, it’s not really a sales book but a change management book.

“The word is Disturbing. It’s disturbing to read how sales has only managed the solution end of the sale, and to see that it’s actually possible to help buyers manage the off-line issues they need before they can buy. As sellers we haven’t had the tools to handle this before.

“This book will be disturbing to the industry because you’ve pulled back the veil and we can’t go back to the old way of just selling a solution any more. Your book teaches us how buying decisions are made.  This understanding has been missing from the industry for so long. From this point forward, anyone who talks about sales has to mention this – it’s too big to push under the rug. The book is crystal clear, easy to understand, and right there for anyone to see. The book is sophisticated, but necessary for any serious sales professional. Once sellers read this, they are toast.”

Ah. So all of those bazillion hours writing until my neck hurt and forgetting to eat or work out (don’t ask about my newly flabby arms from foregoing pushups, or my butt from missing my step classes) just maybe paid off.

I can’t wait til you see my new book. I’ll be offering a couple of sample chapters soon. And I look forward to your feedback. Hopefully, you’ll find it disturbing also. In the meantime, go to www.salespractice.com and get onto a forum and play around. You’ll meet some interesting folks, Jeff being one of them.


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